Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

I’m in a…………

knitting funk! Haven’t accomplished much since last week. I have cast on and frogged the Foreign Correspondent Scarf at least four times!! I’m not getting anywhere on the Traveling Woman Scarf and watching baseball doesn’t help with knitting!

The Giants had a chance to clinch the National League Pennant last night but lost it in the third inning when Lincecum had a bad day on the mound. Tomorrow in Philly. Looks like the winner will play Texas. The Yankees are down to their last 3 outs and are trailing 6-1.

Met Anne for coffee today and then over to GPY. Bought Yarn for the Burberry Inspired Cowl. After Anne left Denise came in and I sat and knit with her for about and hour until I realized I had screwed the FC Scarf .  Just finished the first repeat of the cowl and seems to be going well. The yarn looked better in the skein before I started to knit it but think it will work out ok. It’s green and I don’t know why I bought green! I don’t especially like green. Maybe I’ll give it away for Christmas. Edited to add picture of cowl. It turned out very nice and the yarn is very soft.

Sunday I’m going to try going to Foothill Presbyterian church that is closer than Immanuel. I think they are a more traditional church than IPC. Next month I’ll try First Presbyterian Church downtown on 4th Street.

Sunday I’m going to SF with KW to meet the mother of one of her FB friends. Hope it’s not raining!

Burberry Inspired Cowl


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