Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Sunday, Sunday….

oops, that’s Monday Monday but today is Sunday. Went to Kumalani Church this morning up on the golf course at Kapalua. It was packed and people were even out on the lawn. Wide variety of age groups, locals and tourists. Good message from Phillipians 4:8-9 about not allowing media, evil, and un-pure thoughts to control your mind.

Weather here to day was mixed, rain and sun. The rain is really just “pineapple juice: sprinkles when a cloud goes over. Because I got pretty burnt yesterday I decided to make it a stay mostly on the lanai most of the day. Worked on by Fern Lace Scarf. It’s coming along nicely.


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  1. maureen Fowler said:

    Hi you guys. Just been reading your blog Yvonne. So glad you and David made it to Maui again. Please wish Carole and Bob a belated anniversary wish for us.We have been away in this country with the grandkids and I just haven’t replied to Carole regards her Mums passing. Just hope this vacation gives her a boost. We are off to Barbados for 2 weeks on the 22nd Sep. and away on the 17th Dec on a Christmas cruise. Will read your blog each day and emal in length when you are home. Love to everyone Maureen and Bob xxxx

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