Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

62 isn’t so….

bad!! My b’day started one day early because my sister and my best friend can’t keep track of what day of the week it is!! Both called me early on TUESDAY to wish me HB. When I said my b’day was Wednesday, they both said “What? It’s not Wednesday?”  So it started early. Milva had a cookie bouquet delivered d on Tuesday as she wouldn’t be there most of Wednesday

cookie Bouquet from Milva

On Wednesday there was a sign posted in the break room (made by Elise) and “Yarn Ball” cupcakes made by Eileen.

Knit Klub was Wednesday night. Carrie and I went for a bite at Aquai first and then drove to MH. Carrie gave me a skein of Three Irish Sisters and some cute sock yarn from Red Heart. Carolyn gave me some Bernat Sock yarn.

Three Irish Sisters from Carrie

Sock Yarn from Carrie

Sox yarn from Carolyn

When I got home from Knit Klub there were flowers from Linnie!

Tulips form Lin!

I also participated in “The April Birthday Swap” on Ravelry. My “Spoiler” was Margaret from, Richmond, VA. She was uber generous. 2 skeins of Claudia Hand painted sock yarn, a skein of Fleece Artist yarn, Teavana tea, stitch markers, a project bag and a book.

Ravelry April Birthday Swap gifts from Margaret

I also got a call from a customer on Wednesday that I had spoken to on Tuesday, She had been celebrating her bday since Saturday. I mentioned my b’day was Wednesday but that I had already gottn two call Tuesday wishing me HB. She called to say she wanted to wish me HB on my day!! Today I got an email from Corrine saying “Anyone can wish you HB on you BD but she wanted to make it last so was wishing  HB today!

And last but not least, Uncle Sam is recognizing my BD by letting me start collecting my SS!!

Turning 62 isn’t so bad after all.


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