Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

On the …….

road again with my friend Jim. I mentioned I was out of my French Breakfast tea and didn’t want to pay shipping to have it send from Market Hall Foods in Oakland homebanner9so Jim said “Road Trip. We left about 10:30 am and headed to Berkeley to go to some of the Middle eastern Markets he remembered on University. We wound up at an Indian Market on University and to Middle Eastern markets on San Pablo Ave, AKA International Boulevard. We had lunch at Siam,@Siam Cuisine at Thai restaurant.

On to The Cheese Board

for cheese bread and cheese.

Then to The Berkeley BowlBerkeley Bowl West for producepeaches, produce, berkeley bowl and miscellaneous stuff. Got some French Radishes, brown jasmine rice, arugula, asparagus, butternut squash, thyme, Acme Olive Bread, San Marzano tomato’s.

From there to Market Hall Foods for tea and one last stop at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream Tara's Organic Ice Cream. I had Goat Cheese Raspberry ice cream.

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream is like homemade ice cream produced on a commercial level with the finest organic ingredients, the best intention, and it’s a divine indulgence. Tara’s Organic Ice Cream is certified organic by CCOF.

Got home about six to find David putting in a meat loaf and roasted potato’s. Life is good………

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