Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


I can’t knit anything! Last night at Knit Klub I frogged  an inch of cuff ribbing on the new sock I was starting after discovering I had knit two rows wrong. I got it casted back on but didn’t feel like working on it. Today I thought I’d start the Bubble Bag, a felted project. Got the bottom done and realized it will be a really small bag so frogged it! STEP AWAY FROM THE YARN!!

David got 3 tomato plants planted in his raised bed garden and 2 squash plants in the ground. (Pictures tomorrow).

Got FB message and photo from Margaret showing me that she knitted to the end of a skein on her scarf and didn’t know how to add yarn to continue. I emailed her You Tube links and hopefully she can continue. So proud that she is doing so well.

Saturday Carrie, Phyliss and I are going to SF to see Wicked. Should be a fun day.

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  1. well, since i don’t have any matching yarn, i actually decided to unravel the entire thing and have now started what will be a much skinnier and ideally much longer version of the…scarf? i like to finish projects. next, i’m thinking baby blankets. i have two friends in their 2nd trimesters, so i have a few months. How hard could that be? any patterns you would suggest or how about how to read a knitting pattern? haha.

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