Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Quick, give me my….

Sunglasses! We’re back in CA. Early wake up call this morning, 4AM for 7AM flight. I think we did this before (yes, when we flew up). Both flights were good and no hassle with stand by status. Carrie picked us up and within 5 minutes of being home we were back in routine. David went to the post office and picked up our mail and I went grocery shopping.

Yesterday we went to Ruston Way near downtown Tacoma. It’s right along Commencement Bay. As we arrived a huge down pour happened. We though it was going to wipe out our day. It passed in about 5 minutes (there’s the 5 minute rule again) and we set out for a walk along the path next to the bay. We walked round trip about 4 miles. Had lunch at The Lobster Shop.

rusrwy1.JPG (407672 bytes)rustwy4.JPG (445122 bytes)rustwy7.JPG (383752 bytes)rustwy11.JPG (417159 bytes)

The pictures show a nice sunny day, which we didn’t have! I forgot my camera so these are pic’s off the web!

Last night we had dinner with Dan and Linda and just recapped the week or so we all had.

It was a fun mini vacation and would do it again.

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