Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Last night we celebrated Margaret’s 25th b’day by getting a head start on the Easter Cupcakes!

Where did 25 years (and 2 weeks) go?

Great day today. Started today with church at Marine View Presbyterian with the Russo family. Turns out this is the church the first attended when they came to Tacoma.

Marine View Presbyterian Church in TacomaMarine View Presbyterian Church Logo.

Such concentration!

After church Margaret asked me to teach her to knit. I taught her to knit and purl!!

While the lamb was on the barbque (and after dinner ) we played a fun game called Catch Phrase. I think we scared the dog and the cat as we were so noisey!

We had a choice of dishes to use for dinner. My sis-in-law must have 5 different sets. She decided to use her Mom’s Dainty Blue made by Shelley. Mrs. T collected these dishes over the life of her marriage, transporting them between Minnesota, Iceland and California. When we spoke to her on the phone this afternoon and told her we were going to use the dishes, she became anxious and thought perhaps we shouldn’t use them lest one of them might get broken because there were so many (8) people having dinner!  We reassured her that it would be fine and proceeded to use the lovely dishes, serving pieces and the fmily silver.

Now for the food (I forgot to photograph the Honey Orange Glazed carrots)

A lovely table setting awaiting the food!

Dainty Blue

Asparagus with Gremolata

Supreme Orzo purchased at Pikes Market

Cupcakes to go in a Starbucks cup carrier

David carving the leg of lamb

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