Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


adventure. Today we went to Pikes Market with a goal of going to lunch at Salumi, Mario Battelli’s fathers cured meat and restauant. Weather looked threatening but you have to go for it up here or you spend most days inside.

Arrived at Pikes, found parking 2 blocks from the market and we were on our way. Made the customary stops in the market, De Laurenti’s, the Fish Market (the ones you see on TV throwing the fish), flower stalls and all the other food vendors. Bought some dried apples, blackberries, Salmon for dinner, orzo (a lemon for tonight and a mixed flavor for Easter dinner) and smoked salmon. We stopped a Lowell’s where Christina’s boyfriend Tyler works to say hi. Nice young man.

Would have brought flowers home but Cassie (cat) would probably knock them over!

An unusual sight was a pig take away diner…

Meat hanging in the cold case window

We then decided to go to Salumi for lunch. We had walked a couple of blocks (about a 15 block walk) when it started to RAIN and GUSTY WIND started. We kept ducking into lobbies as we made out way down the street so as not to stand in the rain at stop lights. Finally made it!! Pretty damp but we made it. But, there was a line out the door (usual I’m told). There is only one “family table” and there were no seats available when we finally placed our order (Cured meat plate with cheese, bread and olives) so we decided to get it to go. We decided to take the bus back and found out it was FREE (why did we walk in the rain if it is FREE? “Oh yea, Mike told me about that” David said after we had walked in the RAIN!. On the way to the bu stop to go back to Pike’s  we found Waterfall Park. Got a little lost (I missed the I5 turn) getting out of town but by luck found another on ramp .


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