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And another thing…

I applied for Social Security!! You can do it online! I should get my first check in June. I’ll still continue to work at SLT part time. Yahoo!!


It’s Official….

I’m a sock junkie!! I’m on my 4th pair of socks and have yarn to make 5 more pairs!! Yesterday I went to Bobbin’s Nest and purchased Three Irish Girls sock yarn. I didn’t buy the most expensive with cashmere but McClellan at 23.00/skein. Carrie gave me a 40% off coupon so a deal was had!

Since I’m coming down with “something” this will be a stay in day (or sit on the deck day as the weather is warm and beautiful) and knit. I’m finishing the striped sock and making a Booga Bag for Carrie to give to one of her friends.

Three Irish Girls Sock Yarn

Madelinetosh, Tosh Sock, Trellis

A Swell Yarn Shop, Duet Sock Yarn

Time to

Dining room table; desserts and memories

As always, lots of food!

"Geno" and Vilma Sinclaire


reminisce¬†about our travels. Thursday night I was at Vilma and Gene Sinclaire’s home in Los Altos talking with others who have been on Vilma’s trips to France and Italy. Vilma was promoting her Provence 2010 2 trip this October to Provence. It was great to see Linda and Jimmy as well. Gene and I talked about the first trip in 1997 to Tuscany and all the crazy things we did. Here are some pictures of the evening. Of course the FOOD was over the top as usual. Great tapenade (black and green) made by Linda.

A Good Time….

was had by all! David and I went to Santa Barbara this weekend to meet Carole, Bob, Rod and Jo. Friday afternoon we played Apples to Apples (a board game) that no one wanted to play but ended up having a ball. Carole made a lovely dinner and we played the game again after dinner.

Saturday Carole again came through and made a lovely breakfast of French Toast, sausage, bacon and fruit. We drove over to the Mission and walked around, then took a lovely driving tour of the city, ending up at the beach and having a light lunch. Jo and Rod left after lunch and the rest of us took a drive up into the hills where we were treated to beautiful vista views of the city and the ocean. Back home a nice dinner and some tv time. We drove home Sunday morning after another nice breakfast.

Three Amigos on The California Wall (not the Maui Wall)

Three Amigas

Friar Rod

The Gang at Mount Carmel Church

So cute…

my friend Pat. I gave her the tam tonight at Knit Klub. She’s going to Reno next week and this will be perfect.

Pat and The Hat Named Oscar

Too cute!!

Oscar Tam…

knit during the Oscar pre-show, Oscar show, and finished during Barbara Walters special. Layla Classic Tam made with Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Prairie Goldenrod is the color.

It’s A…..

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