Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

We’re on (I’m) on a

yarn shop hop (even though their LYS Shop Hop isn’t til June)! Yesterday we were in Lakewood at Yorkshire Yarn where I bought  Cascade Eco Alpaca to make Stina a cowl. Today we went to Lamb”s Ear in Tacoma

and Unraveled Yarn in Federal Way. The other shop in Tacoma, Fiber’s Etc is closed on Tuesdays. Today I bought Artful Yarns Broadway in multi shades of purple with metallic tread running through it at Unraveled  and I bought Mushishi made in Italy at Lamb’s Ear. David isn’t much of a traveler so it’s hard to get him out sight seeing so he’s forced to go with me to yarn shops.

The weather today is much better (no rain this afternoon) and is supposed to be about the same tomorrow so my plan is to go to Gig Harbor and  Port Townsend.PT is about two hours from here on the Kitsap Penninsula.

Knitting continues to be a challenge with the cat around but we are tolerating each other.

Mushishi made in Italy (Lamb's Ear, Tacoma WA)

Artful Yarns, Broadway (Unraveled Yarn, Federal Way)


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  1. hello stranger!

    It sounds like you and David are having a fun time in/around Seattle and Tacoma. So happy to hear that!

    Lovely looking yarn shops and great sounding purchases. Can’t wait to see them and what you create with them.

    You just wait, you’re going to miss Cassie and Charlie when you get home, without all the help they are offering you and David. It’s tough taking care of people, but they’re practiced.

    Working diligently on the purses. The bags are felted (your’s and the one I made.) Still working on roses. Have about 8 made, not sure how many more I’ll need. 5 are drying as I write this. 3 on the bag already – they look marvelous. Worked on just the interior part of the roses tonight – making 2 more. Probably use them to fill in the design a bit.

    Tomorrow night – Wednesday. I haven’t heard from Shari or Pat this week – sure they’re playing catch up after a week in Reno. They had a wonderful time I think. Compatible travelers.

    It’s late and I’m pooped. Week is flying by for me. Monday and Tuesday I woke rested, actually. What a nice feeling. Has to be because I had a restful weekend. Didn’t go anywhere!

    Off to bed. Tomorrow will be busy enough. Mostly office time. Meeting Louise for coffee for about 40 minutes, at 10 a.m.

    Adventures for you tomorrow, I’m sure. Enjoy yourselves.

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