Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


after a very early wake up call (4:00AM) and pick up (5:15AM, thank you Carrie) in Seattle. Flew Horizon Air  SJC-PDX and PDX to SEATAC arriving at 10:15AM. Dan picked us up and we took him back to the office and made out way to Tacoma. Charlie (dog) and Cassie (Siamese) met us. If we were burglar’s we could have robbed the house and Charlie would still be wagging his tail!

After getting the lay of the house we went for a ride to find the church I want to attend for Easter week in Browns Point. After finding Marine View  Presbyterian Church (it has a view of Puget Sound) we drove down to Dash Point State Park and walked on the beach. Then we went back and found our way to the Browns Point Lighthouse and walked along the beach there. It started raining (go figure) so back home we went (sissy’s). Found very ripe banana’s and now have banana bread baking. Hope to have more lively reports to follow!

David at Brown's Point Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at Browns Point

David at Dash Point State Beach


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