Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Who knew

that a semi retired, part time sales associate and an unemployed guy would OWE the Feds and the State? Bah! Filled out new W2 at SLT and will withhold more hard earned $$. Have to do the same with the Pension check.

It’s a rainy day and work was slow so I got sent home an hour early. Going to try to finish my second sock of the pair so I have new socks to wear to Stitches on Friday. Going to try and hook up with Pam from Santa Rosa and her gang, Anne from SF and her friend and Carrie when she breaks from her morning class. I might go back Saturday and hook up with Sheri while Pat takes her afternoon class. Pat, Sheri, Carrie and I are going to dinner at Pedro’s on Saturday night.

This past Sunday was SLT’s Holiday Party at Left Bank at Santana Row. Chef David planned a very nice menu for us. After dinner we played Foodie Fight. We had groups of 4 in 4 Elimination Rounds and then a Final Round. I won my elimination round and won a girf certificate to LB Steak. In the Final round I came from behind and won! The grand prize was an AllClad 6 quart slow cooker! (retail is $200.00)!

Well, back to the sock.


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