Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here



Saturday I went to a fund raiser for my friend Martha who is raising money for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Had a pedicure and ate some good food. She belongs to our Knit Klub and we have donated knitted items for her to sell. A lady was looking at the gold glittery scarf I had knit and I encouraged her to buy the scarf! “Everyone needs a glittery scarf” and she bought it!

Sunday was church and then Super Bowl. The Saints won! Made braised short ribs for dinner. Comfort food!

It’s a small word. Got an email from my friend Mary who lives in Pacifica that her dad had died while snorkeling on Napili Bay on Wednesday. I emailed my friend Pam who had just sent me a message that she and Tom were at Napili for some whale watching to see if she knew anything. Yes, she saw the whole thing. What a small world.

Wednesday in Knit Klub and Friday I’m going to Cirque du Soleil.

Working on another pair of socks. These are made of bamboo yarn. I’m loving making socks!


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