Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Sick, sick sick…

we are! David has a bad cough/cold and I am fighting the cold. Coricidin is my friend. Unfortunatly because David smokes his cough is worse.

Worked all week and am feeling it. 30 hours standing on that concrete floor is a killer. Had my last Session meeting on Tuesday.  Visited Kathleen for about an hour before going to the meeting. She always has good snacks (baked brie, salami and french bread)  Knit Klub was  on Wednesday. Will meet Carrie and Pat on the 23rd for Knit Klub and then adjourn until January 6th. Pat leaves for Texas on the 27th and will be gone for a month.

Today I’m making a new biscotti recipe. This one has cornmeal in it. Supposed to turn out good for dipping. Will let you know how they turn out. If they don’t turn out, then I have to bake the Russo Family recipe when I get hme from Jerry Dias’ 60th b’day party later this afternoon. Cross your fingers they work!

David’s brother Ron and his wife Joyce emailed that they are coming to California around the 27th and want to stop here for a night or so on their way to Pasadena for the Rose Parade. Busy this morning playing 52 pick up. Haven’t seen them in years. They are always taking trips in the winter to escape the snow of Colorado.

Working monday-Thursday next week, off at 4pm all days. Knit Klub on Wednesday and dinner for David’s birthday on Thursday. Christmas Eve service Thursday at 7pm after sushi with David and Carrie. Christmas day we’ll go to Cindy and Brian’s for dinner but not til late afternoon.

Merry Christmas Everyone and thanks for reading my blog!!

PS: First batch of new Biscotti recipe out of the oven and I think they’re a winner. Very similar recipe to Russo Family recipe except you melt the butter before creaming it with sugar and eggs and you add 3/4 cup of polenta to the flour. Deosn’t make as many as RFB because you roll them out differently.


Comments on: "Sick, sick sick…" (1)

  1. Hi Yvonne,

    Searching Ravelry for a pattern and found one that really made me laugh. Pattern is in Japanese, so will never figure that out. And don’t know how to read charts well enough to allow that either. Oh well. Not like I don’t have projects.

    Hope you and David had a good Xmas Eve/Birthday celebration last night. Thought about you.

    Have a good Christmas dinner with Kathleen’s family and enjoy your in laws this week.

    Will call you.


    Take a look at this project = Ha Ha!

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