Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Gosh, another…

week has gone by. Not too much happening. I went to Wendy’s baptism on Sunday at her church, Hillview Bible Church. She gave her testimony and it was truly moving. It showed how God’s grace works and how he can change your life if you ask Him.

After church I went to Carries for an afternoon of crafting with Pat, Lisa, Jaime and Carrie. I made felted soap bars for Martha’s boutiques later in November. I’m donating lots of projects I’ve made over the past couple of years to help her raise money for her Walk for the Cure next June.

Friday I’m having lunch with Jo. She has been asking me to go to lunch with her for months. We finally have a date we are both partially available and we’re squeezing in lunch at Mimi’s Cafe in Saratoga.

Talked to Lin this week and she had a great cruise. unfortunately Raetagae fell the week before the trip and couldn’t go. Lin had the cabin all to herself. Her luck held out when she was upgraded to 1st class on her flight from Milan to JFK.

Not much on the stix these days except projects for the boutique. Want to make a lavender eye pillow and have to decide which stash yarn will work. I’m on a yarn diet (after the 2 skeins of Manos I ordered on Sunday arrive) and need to make projects with the stash.

Aysar is going to work in Los Gatos beginning Friday. I’m sorry to see her leave Santana Row. She is the most approachable of the managers that we have.





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