Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Life goes by

too fast. My dear friend of six years Lorraine Neece  passed away on Thursday. She was 88 years old. Lorraine was a beautiful Christian women. She loved the Lord and all the people she met that loved him too. I pray for her children who are coping with the loss of their mother and especially for Ken who took such good care of his mom. It will be sad to see him leave to go live with his sister in Washington but Lorraine was at peace knowing Kathleen would look after him. In a sense I am losing two friends. Lorraine in addition to Rosia and Cayo is the person who always welcomed me when I arrived at Immanuel those first couple of months. Always a hug and a pink lipstick kiss on the cheek. What a dear lady and wonderful example of Christ’s love for everyone.

This past week I taught myself to crochet!! YouTube is a wonderful resource and the replay button is a great thing! I’m not really proficient but I can do a SC and a DC. Now what do I do? Oh yeah, a dish cloth!

No big plans this week, work, memorial service for Lorraine and Session.


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