Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Day 2

On the road again. Carrie and I left San Jose and picked up Pat in Morgan Hill. Stopped at Continental Stitch. Pat bought yarn and pattern. Onto Carmel. The only shop on the hop that I had never been to. Nice shop. I bought some yarn but wish I had bought something else. The pattern is a chart! Pat said she’s used to doing charts with her cross stitch and can help me out. Down to Monarch in Pacific Grove. Just let me buy yarn and get the pattern. I am so tired of shopping!! We had a lovely lunch at the Red House Cafe and then went down to the coast to watch the waves. As we driving the road along the coast in PG, Pat says she has never seen an otter…just then an otter appears! We pulled over to a parking area and got out and there was another one! We hung out on a bench above the water and watched the waves, birds and otters for bout 45 minutes. It was a beautiful day in PG. Stopped at the artichoke place in Castroville and arrived home about 7. Pat, Carrie and I are already planning a weekend trip in the spring. Stay in a B&B perhaps up in Jackson and stitch the weekend away.



Carrie and Pat at Knitting By The SeaIMG_0900IMG_0901


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