Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here


Raining!! I had a hard time remembering when it last rained in September. David said he remembers one time when we came back from Maui and my dad was picking us up (it must have been in the 80″s) and David had to drive home because Dad didn’t like driving in the rain. Oh yeah, 32 years ago On September 18th (our wedding day) there was a threat of rain so we moved the reception to the clubhouse where the Bales lived in Cupertino. Other wise I don’t remember rain in September!

Last week was busy with working everyday (that’s a good thing). This week I only work 3 days (that’s ok). Tuesday is the first meeting of BSF. Unfortunately I’ll miss the dinner at Pat’s. Wednesday is Knit Klub. Thursday Carrie is having hand surgery again and I’m taking her to the clinic in Oakland. She’ll pick me up at 6am as we have to be there by 7am for her surgery at 8am. Friday is our 32nd wedding anniversary. David wants to go to the beach so we’ll take a drive to the coast somewhere. Saturday I have a Presbytery meeting in Sunnyvale.
Pam sent me a beautiful knitted lei that I’ll have to take a pic for and post. Makes me want to be in Maui. I’ll just have to cope with being here.


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  1. thought you might find this interesting –


    making yarn from plastic bags…and then making the yarn into interesting things…love you!


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