Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Monday, Monday..

This week will not be as busy as last week. Last night we had the annual Holiday Meeting at SLT. Met with the LG store, and I’m glad I work at SR. Tuesday after work I meet with Pastor Stephanie at Starbusck’s to discuss my “leadership roll” at IPC. Wednesday is Knit Klub in MH. Not sure  if Carrie is will be going. That’s all the plans for the week..YEAH.

Working on another baby kimono jacket and need to figure out how to fix the dropped stitch on the scarf without ripping the whole thing out!


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  1. Yvonne,

    Sounds like you and Jim had a fun day traveling north again. So glad to hear it!

    I came home a day early – sanity check for me. As I was walking up the front walk with my suitcase trailing I thought…who would leave San Diego and a day off work?

    Well I did and I’m glad.

    Had a good day at home did plenty of resting and no working. Slept 13 hours last night! Can you say “TIRED.” Even slept on the plane – 3 people deep. Didn’t feel the plane take off – I fell asleep BEFORE we took off.

    The wedding was WONDERFUL. Shannon was so beautiful. Derek quite handsome. Toby LOVED his wedding blanket. Knew it was his, immediately.

    The “wedding” hats for the bridesmaid also were a BIG hit.

    Ate my way through San Diego. Best seafood I’ve had in ages – every day’s seemed to be better than the last.

    Have you heard anything from your Raverly groups about Stitches 2010. I’m thinking we had already seen Stitches 2009 classes by this time last year? Couldn’t find anything on Google – but that could be just me.

    Will call you tomorrow.


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