Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

But First…

I want to say Hi to my friend Maureen in England who emailed on Tuesday to say she has read my blog. I miss her and our “cuppa” on the lanai or tea parties on the beach in Maui.  Maureen, if you have a chance, try French Breakfast Tea from Mariage Freres of France.

Went to see Julia and Julie today. Oh so good. Meryl Streep channels Julia! What a wonderful husband she had in Paul. I pulled out my MTAOFC the minute I got home. Maybe I’ll make something from the book this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it’s Norm Pass’s retirement party on Saturday afternoon. But first I’ll have to go to Yarn Dogs for their summer clearance sale. Will go early as it’s Fiesta de Arts weekend in LG.

On my way out to Oakridge, going South on 17 I could see the smoke over the mountains from the fire in Santa Cruz. The news says it’s over 2k acres and not even under control. I hope there won’t be any homes lost or especially any fire fighters hurt.  Keep those folks in your prayers.


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