Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Busy Saturday….

Whoa, it’s almost 4 P.M. and I’m just sitting down! I got my hair cut this morning (remember this missed appointment on Wednesday), went to Whole Foods for stuff for dinner tonight, swung by GPY to check out the sale (didn’t need anything) and then went by SLT to get my cell phone (forgot it in my apron Thursday when I was waiting for the call regarding my hair appointment).

I had a PBJ when I got home and was thinking how proud of myself I was because I didn’t buy any yarn at GPY. That got me thinking about my stash and what a mess it is. Also about the mess of knitting stuff in the basket next to the sofa. Well, I started around 1:45 P. M. and just finished cleaning up, throwing out, listing yarn on Ravelry and photographing all the yarn I listed on my stash page. I still have to down load the pictures to Flicker and then upload them to my stash page. Plan to do that tonight.

While I was getting organized I realized I can’t find the yarn I bought in April to make the bracelets. I can’t even find the hardware I bought at the bead shop in Mt View when Carrie and I went to the Art Fair. Think I’ll email her to see if she has it. UPDATE: FOUND THE STUFF IN A BAG IN THE SPARE ROOM RIGHT AFTER I EMAILED CARRIE. THAT ROOM IS A PROJECT IN ITSELF FOR ANOTHER DAY

Think I’ll check the Ravelry RAK board to see if I can get rid of any of this stash stuff. If not I’ll have to search the boards for projects to make with all this yarn. Dang, I just PM’d someone about more Manos! UPDATE: Found someone on Rav RAK that I can send 3 skeins of UGLY yarn to (that’s what they want) and someone who wants a drop spindle (got it free at Stitches in FEB).


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