Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

Monday, Monday…..

Just checking FB and saw the promo for Julie & Julia. It opens August 7th and I hope to see it the first weekend. Milva (my boss) was at a pre-screening of the movie about a month ago and says it’s a must see for foodies.

Plans for today include a couple of errands, finish reading my E100 chapters for tonight’s Bible Study, continue working on knitting projects and pick up around the house.

My housework strategy: Do something I enjoy for 45 minutes and then spend 15 minutes working around the house. When I was a kid, mom wouldn’t let us go out to play unless everything was done around the house. I think it scared me for life and that is why I have a different approach to housework.

Well, off to start my 15 minutes of housework as I have spent about 45 minutes online already this morning.

What a hectic hour and a half. On the way to the Alum Rock Post Office ran into construction at King and Story and it took forever to get to 680. Duh, why would I think my sleepy post office would be quite on a Monday morning! Line out the door. Forget that. Got on Capitol Expwy off Jackson and went to Lucky’s on Tulley. Ah, a Postal Annex. After I waited for the lady to get her husband straightened out (don’t ask) I waited for her to put all the info in the computer only to find out it would be $2.67 send my little box. It’s a parcel she says. No way. On to the market; when did everything get so expensive? Stopped for gas and paid $2.799 /gal. Well it’s down from last week. Then ran into construction on way back home. REALLY WISH I WAS IN MAUI!!!!!!

Going to sit calmly and read the chapters for tonight’s Bible study. I know those guys in the Bible had it harder than I do. No one’s going to ask me to build an Ark today.


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  1. Pam Cook said:

    Hello there, I found you. Sounds like your on a roll. Busy, busy, so glad your still knitting, knitting and work is good for you. The blog is interesting, caught me up on a lot. Washington Apple sounds fun, but I will always be a Cosmo girl I’m afraid. Do take care, Best, Pam

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