Wishing I was in Maui, but dealing with being here

I don’t know what happened. Got up and read the paper and found out that they found the old man with dementia who had wandered away. That was good.  Mom did that several times when she was at Villa Mar and thank God Marina or the Sunnyvale Police always found her. Then I went to PW in Silver Creek to buy ingredients for Chicken Marsala for dinner tonight, That wasn’t to bad. They really are much pricier that Lucky’s. Oh well, that’s was ok. Then I decided to seam the little Kimono jacket. That’s when things started to go really bad. I watched the video several times to learn how to do the mattress stitch, The bottom side seam turned out really nice. However, the sleeve seam is (was) a mess. You know when that little voice says “Don’t Do it” but you do it even tho you know it’s wrong… Can you say FROG…RIPPIT, RIPPIT, RIPPIT. I just spent two hours (TWO) ripping out the sleeve seam. I think it has something to do with it being a bind off edge. I’m going to STEP AWAY FROM THE PROJECT and come bak to it another time!!

I’m sure the previous rant was boring to anyone who might have read it but I feel much better. Is it time for an Washington Apple Cocktail yet? Maybe I’ll prep dinner and then sit down with a cocktail!

OMG!! The yarn needed to finish the BSJ arrived from Abbe on Ravelry. I ordered the yarn June 5th from a shop in NJ. It’s a long story that you can read about on my Ravelry Project page if you’re interested.

Dinner was very good (according to David). He asked me to make what we had for dinner at Brian and Cindy’s in January, Chicken Marsala. I used Tyler Florence’s recipe from FoodTv. It was very good. Used bacon instead of prosciutto.

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  1. Kathleen said:

    I liked it better with the picture…you definitely need a picture.

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